In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the ways to conduct fertility treatment. But in a broader sense, it is much more: the real chance for infertile couples and people with hereditary diseases to finally be able to have their own child.



  • Egg donation

    For women who can’t have their own children, there are egg donation programs. It’s a great chance for them to finally become mothers. Our mission is to help those women feel the happiness of parenthood. We offer fresh egg donation as well as vitrified donor oocytes. The latter we keep in our special bank of vitrified oocytes.


    Egg donation

  • Surrogacy

    Surrogacy is the solution for couples that are not able to have children in a natural way, but still want to be parents. Long way of trying to conceive usually brings those families to surrogacy as the real option to make dreams come true. For example, it is a solution for women who have had surgery on the uterus and adnexa, such as hysterectomy because of myoma or uterine bleeding during previous childbirth. Other physical problems and diseases can also be reasons.