Doctors is a page where you can find a list of all Medicover specialists and get professional help by organizing consultations. Our doctors accept in the following cities: Lviv, Dnipro, Uzhgorod. Specialist consultations are possible after a preliminary meeting, which can be booked in person at your chosen institution, by phone or through the registration system on the website.

A visit to a specialist can be enjoyed by all patients, such as those with the appropriate Medicover medical package,   as well as those who want counseling once. However, in such a situation it is necessary to take into account the need to pay the fee in accordance with the accepted price.

As part of Medicover, doctors take almost every specialty and their exact list is available for search through the search engine. Our doctors, specializing in high confidence and good reputation among patients, specialize in various fields. Very often, their skills go beyond one specialization.  

The most popular doctors include:

    • allergist,
    • surgeon,
    • oncologist,
    • dentist,
    • dermatologist,
    • nutritionist,
    • endocrinologist,
    • gynecologist,
    • hematologist,
    • therapist,
    • кардіолог,
    • педіатр,
    • ортопед,
    • невролог,
    • nephrologist,
    • psychologist,
    • pulmonologist,
    • orthodontist.

However, these specializations are not a complete Medicover offering. We also offer more specific specializations such as gastroenterologist, infectious disease physician and andrologist. Many of our doctors also specialize in treating the youngest patients. We recommend that you enter the name of the specialization in the search engine and then choose the phrase "specialization name (for example, an orthopedic surgeon) for children" in the search engine.

In our institutions you can also use logopedic on neurological consultations, as well as take advantage of therapy from a specialist. The Medicover offer also includes consultations with doctors: Occupational Medicine, Sports Medicine, or Travel.  

Medicover specialist consultations mean that you can benefit from the services, knowledge, and competencies of many physicians with diverse backgrounds. The institution can also perform a number of diagnostic tests, ranging from basic blood tests to more detailed diagnostics. 

The Medicover offer is addressed to all patients, and our specialists often use other languages. Information on consultations in a foreign language, together with the language chosen by the doctor, is listed in the list of doctors and in their individual profiles. Consultations are held, among others, in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Czech and others.

Each of our physicians has their own individual profile on the Medicover website, thanks to which patients can get a closer look at their physician profile and their professional experience. The profile contains information about the specializations, the languages ​​in which you can consult, or the diseases treated by the chosen doctor. Information is also available on the location of the doctor's appointment.

Patient opinion is of great importance to patients. Not only can you evaluate your doctor and visit the point system. but also leave a few words of comment. Other patients' opinions are often a great source to encourage you to meet.

You can arrange an appointment with each of our doctors in a very simple way. All you have to do is use the online booking system available on our website. All you have to do is select a doctor and city specialist, then choose the name of the institution and specialist from the list displayed and check for dates. By selecting one of them, the place is reserved. and the client is left to wait for a consultation period. 

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